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  • Customer Service: We have exclusive access to some of the latest technologies available today. We believe in pushing the limits to make our drones more capable every day.
  • Fully Integrated: We believe that drones are tools of trades that should be fully ready to use at the moment of delivery.
  • Peace of Mind: With our yearly upgrade program and accident replacement plan, we make sure that you always have a capable tool available to execute your demands.
  • Intuitive:  A tools is useless if it can’t adapt to your needs, that’s our drones are easy to operate from your most mobile devices.


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CyPhy Works Builds Tethered Drones for Soldiers, First Responders

January 24, 2015

Combat and emergency response involves split-second decisions. The decisions could be better informed if soldiers or first responders could get a look inside buildings or over ridges before venturing forward. To give them that capability, start-up CyPhy Works is making tethered aerial drones that can fly for hours and stream high-quality video.   Based in